Discover hidden sides of Paris with us !

Paris Gay Village offers several unique and unusual walking tours to explore the history of homosexuals and homosexuality in Paris covering from the 17th century onwards.


Donation : 15€/pp up to 10 people

Donation : 10 €/pp from 10 to 20 people max

For groups or private visits (minimum two)
See below what tours are currently available in English


Please contact us if you want to arrange a tour according to your schedule (our guides are volunteers and preferably available on week-ends and after 5pm from Monday to Friday) :

Le Palais-Royal au XVIIe siècle
The gay and lesbian rainbow tour, 300 years of homosexuality in Paris
Why the homosexuals had to be careful while cruising in the 18th century ? Which role did the French Revolution have on the decriminalization of the homosexuality ? Where did Marguerite Yourcenar meet Grace Frick her long-life partner ? Who was really the Sun King’s brother ? By joining us, you will get some answers and be enlightened on other homosexual fates as well as homosexual customs of last three centuries.

(1:45 / 2:00 hour tour)

A gay and lesbian rainbow tour in the cemetery of Père Lachaise

By joining us will you not only discover several tombs of famous gay and lesbian people (Rosa Bonheur, Oscar Wilde, Gertrude Stein, Marcel Proust…) but also some astonishing must-see famous or unusual tombs (Edith Piaf, Jim Morrison, Chopin, Alan Kardec…)

(2:30 hour tour)

The lesbians of the Left Bank

Between 1900 and 1970, a lot of lesbians lived and loved in the parisian district called « the Left Bank ». They were American, French, German or Irish…  and made their living by being writers, booksellers, publishers, photographers or journalists… Let’s go to discover Gertrude Stein and Alice Toklas, Djuna Barnes, Adrienne Monnier, Sylvia Beach, Gisèle Freund, Natalie Barney, Janet Flanner or Eileen Gray…

(2:30 hour tour)


The secret sides of Le Gay Marais
By joining us for a little over an hour, discover how Le Marais became the Parisian gay area of today but also unexpected gay stories which took place in this historical neighborhood in the previous centuries.


(1:00 / 1:20 hour tour)